"Using unusual tonalities and variances of tempo in ths solo clarinet musical meditation, Don Baird weaves his listener into a wonderfully relaxed state, freeing the conscious mind of feeling the need to participate or even keep up. Note, in this collection Don uses a slight vibrato from time to time. This was an artistic choice. "


"A mystery of music for meditation and soulful drifting. Performed on Piano, the music will draw you into another realm of relaxation."

from iTunes

"Dream and forget -- let this musical meditation take you away to a land of no-where."

from iTunes

"While Don is a classically trained clarinetist, one of his hobbies is to drift away in thought on Piano. In that, he often likes to keep track of melodies and thematic material. He does this by recording them. And, therefore, in a simple way, in the rich clarity of streaming melodic lines, he shares with his audience what he hums in his mind."

from iTunes

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